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13. August, 2015

"Dzīvnieku Draugs" participates in Yoko Ono’s charity project

World-famous multimedia artist, animal welfare activist, John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono and European animal welfare organizations have joined together to create a game for iPad and iPhone which is also a real charity project!

Downloading the game «Doggie Chess» via "App Store", where it costs only 2.99 euros, one gets not only an exciting intellectual game for iPhone or iPad, but also supports a national animal welfare organization, which takes part in the project. For Latvia it is «Animal Friend Fund" - an organization supporting the animal shelter "Animal Friend" for the past 15 years, rescued and rehomed more then 11 thousand animals over those years.

Yoko Ono always impress people with her ideas and her 3D-chess game "Yoko Chess" was no exception. With the help of this game Yoko, who is an ardent chess player herself, hopes to contribute to the development of critical thinking, believing that this is the only way to solve the problems of modern society. "Yoko Chess" includes three different versions of the game - the classical chess, Yoko’s own version "Play It By Trust", which includes only white fugures, and «Doggie Chess». The game has four levels of difficulty - from the beginner to the expert, and three modes - traditional, accelerated and time-limited.

Yoko Ono is a staunch animalist, so «Doggie Chess» is not just a game, but also a reminder that homeless animals are one of the major social problems of the XXI century. Figures in the "Doggie Chess" are real dogs who live in DSPCA fund’s shelter (Dublin, Ireland). Their motto «Adopt, don’t shop» recalls that there are a lot of dogs in shelters around Europe, representing thousands of different breeds, colors and characters, and every person can find a real friend there.

"We hope that this game will make people think about other animals as well - not only domestic, but also the farm and wild animals," says «Doggie Chess» annotation.

""Animal's Friend Fund" is honored to participate in the «Doggie Chess» project," - Solvita Viba, the Fund’s Board Member says. - ""Animal Friend Fund" has always been open to new ideas, and this project is new not only for Latvia, but for all Europe - animal welfare organizations get support thanks to modern technologies and the latest digital means of communications. We believe that this project will lead to the launch of many others, and we are very happy to be at the forefront of this movement, along with leading European animal welfare organizations," - Viba says.

«Doggie Chess» can be downloaded via «App Store», starting from June 29.