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25. April, 2015

Kelly's happy life in Finland

Hello you loved ones at the shelter and Inari!

I have got to come to this nice home and I'm a familymember of a nice family now. When arriving to a house I sneaked to hiding under the stairs despite the fact that the house was quite peaceful - just for sure. I was not hiding there for long as I noticed all seems safe to go and see a place a bit closer. Everything went well until I came to hallway with a big mirrowed door and saw myself there: it scared me and I ran away hiding. This time I spend hiding for 2 hours. I guess people knew I was hungry as they came with the food and I went for it and ate from hands and drank some water before going to sleep in my hiding place. Now I walk around the house and sleep in all the nice places in sauna, the bathroom, bed and one night I found this place where know one new where it was!

On Monday I was still resting a bit but played a bit the first time with the ball. I don't need a hiding place anymore as my privacy is valued here and they let me explore it all in peace.

Thank you for leading me to my family!

Happy Kellija