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10. June, 2016

Henri and Diselis greetings from Finland

Henri and Diselis now live in one home.

Lasse is just a great dog. He learn easily new tricks like sit left side and laying down. Henri was initially jealous but when they got to know each other he understood that Lasse lives here with us rest of his life. They play together when we are out and we ca see about Henri that he is really happy on his new friend. When we go walk with leash Henri walk front so he can teach to Lasse how to walk on the edge of the road. These dogs are just amazing couple. They eat side by side and when they are ready then Lasse clean Henri's food bowls and Henri do same. Then they are ready to go and take a nap. Like father and son. These dogs are just amazing couple. Lasse walk behind me like my shadow where ever i go and do whit me everything what I'm doing (vacuum, wash floors). After these days we can tell that You give us a amzing dog, just like You give us Henri. We can't thank you enough these dogs but we promise to you that we do everything for these dogs and love them bottom of our hearts 

Best wishes

Tiina, Jukka, Henri and Lasse