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Become a volunteer!



4 Fr.Candera Street, Riga, Latvia, LV-1046

+371 67500491

We are open only on Fridays and Saturdays from 10.00 till 17.00. During other days please contact us through phone +37167500491 or through e-mail

On Thursdays and Sundays we are closed.

Animal shelter

On average there are about 60 cats that are staying in the shelter daily. Special care and attention are paid to the babies -- the shelter not only provides both home and caring mothers for them.


The shelter has enough space for 30 cats that are placed in solitary cages. Each cage contains a place to sleep, food and water utensils and a toiled. The cats are fed twice per day and there are special walking areas where the cats can go about and play. A “boss of all cats” spends his leisure time settled comfortably on the office desk. Every month the shelter accepts about 50 cats that live there until they find a new home. During their stay the cats are named according to the special cat calendar. Most popular names in the shelter include Mīce, Rūdis, Pūka, Musja, Pērle, Pele, Millija, Mimi, Kleo, Muris.

There is a sterilized cat colony on the grounds of the shelter that contains around 30 well-fed and healthy cats. The colony serves as a home for the cats that hadn’t been adopted for a very long time due to their temper, age or habits. The cat colony house is outfitted with sleeping spaces as well as common “mess hall” and it is heated during the cold times of the year. Every day the cat colony receives the same treatment as the shelter – the cats are fed and looked after and the premises are kept clean. The cats are free to go about the colony territory and may enter the house as they please, taking this into account the colony is an outstanding example of a true independent cat life. 

The kittens that find themselves among the habitants of the shelter are given special care. They are kept in a separate, specially equipped room. Those kittens that haven’t learned how to eat yet are taken in and nurtured at homes by the shelter staff. Volunteers are welcome to help and take in a kitten of their own. 

Cat housing costs at the shelter: feeding and care ~ 5,00 EUR/day, deworming (2 times, depending on the weight of the animal) - 2,00 EUR, defleaing – 1 EUR, complex vaccination – 20 EUR, neutering – 15 – 30 EUR.